The Cape Group
Turning a vision into reality.

What does it take to create a masterpiece?
The experience, creativity and technical know-how of three wise men who make up The Cape Group: Ralph Schwartzman, Bill Wright and Edward Calb. Together, the engineer/builder, the real estate whiz and the developer who began his professional life as an architect and city planner, saw the potential for a spectacular glass tower, with views that stretched to infinity.

The three men have over 100 years of collective wisdom and experience in the business of building and development, yet they look at the world with fresh, adventurous eyes. Their talents are, in Edward Calb’s words, "integrated and diversified," combining their different strengths to tackle the most challenging projects.

Fearlessly, they take on projects more traditional developers have found to be too difficult, bringing them to magnificent fruition. Ralph Schwartzman, the engineer who founded Cape Construction, has been in the contracting business for more than 40 years. Edward Calb, the former architect, developed an award winning country club community in Newmarket Ontario, of 1,000 homes, shopping centres and a championship 18-hole golf course.

Bill Wright has worked everything from residences and hotels to casinos. Together, the three wise men are creating a new jewel on this city’s harbour front.

Contracted and Built by Cape Construction (2001) Ltd.

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